All our lives are based on comparison. Comparing today with yesterday, ourselves with others, success with failure, beautiful with ugly, one place with one another and someone with someone else…

These comparisons can be made instantly, daily, annually, for a decade, for a centrury…. as much as you wish.

In this article, I wanted to have a comparison based on my experiences and based on today’s atmosphere.

Not long before, 35 to 40 years ago, there were coal and wood stoves and we used to carry coal and wood to our apartments during the weekends. Passing to central heating in our building was in 1984. During those days there were roller washing machines. Washing part was easy, but troublesome part was wring out. In our building limited number of families had a fixed line and neighbors used to visit each other for a call when there was an urgent issue. TV’s were black and white with one channel. Fortunate minority could be able purchase a color TV in the early years. In those years, limited number of families had a car.

“In old times, men used to work, women used to be housewives and households used to be run with single salary. All children used to go the nearest school in the neighborhood and those who got sick used to go to the nearest public hospital.” There was a notion of ‘calling doctor to the home’.

The wealthiest famlies of that period had a fixed line, roller washing machine, color TV, an apartment with central heating and an automobile. After primary school their children continued their education in private secondary schools following a prep class. Being able to have all these at those days was a big privilege.

In the last 35 to 40 years, our quality of life and opportunities changed rapidly. Today an average family can heat his house by a single keystroke. There aren’t almost any apartments with out an automatic washing machine and Led TV. Even 10 years old children do have a mobile phone. Nowadays, we can watch TV and video from our mobiles. Each of us can make videos from our mobiles. Today’s automobiles with the lowest equipage have a much better performance and comfort compared to the vehicles of past days.

Shortly, if we make a comparison with 35 to 40 years ago; the average man of today has a life quality and comfort well beyond the richest man of past period. Today in terms of our accessibility to opportunities, a large part of us are Vehbi Koç of that period (Vehbi Koç, one of the richest Turkish business man).

However, our comparison criterion have changed/differentiated a lot compared to 35 to 40 years ago.

Well then, today, are we much happier compared to past?

Although we had great progress in all fields of activity, why passed days seem better?

No doubt, each of us has a different answer by itself.

What is different today? My answer will be ‘concern for the future”.

In every period people had concerns for the future. The concern was much more for our children than ourselves. But what differs today from yesterday is the magnitude of this concern.

Today, in the search of happiness we can observe the efforts of people in the discovery of themselves through the proliferation of activities like; meditation, yoga,…

Isn’t it interesting, as we are getting wealthier, our concerns are also increasing?